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The Jeffersonian Presidents

The Jeffersonian President Biography

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Albermarle County, Virginia Thomas Jefferson - White House Historical Association. He was the third child of six sisters and one surviving brother; he was the oldest son. Peter Jefferson was the name of his father, who was a planter and surveyor. His father passed away on August 17, 1757. Thomas Jefferson inherited 5,000 acres of land after his father's death. In 1772, Thomas Jefferson married Martha Skelton, and they had six children. They were married for ten years before she died in September 1782.

The College of William and Mary is where Thomas Jefferson graduated from. There, he enjoyed studying for long hours and practicing the violin daily. Thomas Jefferson studied law under a Virginia attorney George Wythe. Back then, there were no law schools, so studying under another attorney was a way to start a law career. He began his law career in 1767.

James Madison

The fourth President of the United States was James Madison. He was born in 1751 in Virginia. There, he attended the College of New Jersey, which is now known as Princeton University. James Madison assisted with creating the Virginia Constitution.

Under President Thomas Jefferson, James Madison served as the Secretary of State. In 1808, James Madison became President of the United States.

James Monroe

James Monroe was the fifth President of the United States and he was the last President of the Founding Fathers ( He was a Virginia native where he was born in 1758 and raised. He took part in the ratification of the Constitution.

James Monroe became a Senator in 1790. For two years, Monroe was a Minister to France. In 1820 he was re-elected to serve his second term as President.

The Jeffersonian Presidents Accomplishments

Thomas Jefferson accomplished quite a few things during his presidency. I will only name a few. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. Parts of the Declaration of Independence have become very famous and widely used by many people. He also started the United States Military Academy, which is now a significant institution.

James Madison was the fifth president of the United States, where most of his accomplishments were foreign affairs. He held many notable positions during his career as a politician. During his time as a France ambassador, he ensured that all Americans were released from French prisons. While President, he signed off on the Florida Purchase Treaty.

Drafting the Virginia Plan and being one of the federalist papers' contributors are just a few of James Monroe's accomplishments. Being known as one of the fathers of the Constitution is one of his major accomplishments as well. He was one of the top-rated men to debate during the Philadelphia Convention and was praised for his speaking. Before writing this paper, I did not know that he was the co-founder of the Democratic-Republican Party.

The Jeffersonian Presidents Impact on Democracy

All three of these Presidents had a considerable impact on American Democracy. We can only imagine what our Democracy would be like today had it not been for these three men and their contributions. They made significant contributions that are still talked about to this very day. That's what being President and creating change is all about.

Thomas Jefferson was big on individual liberty and property rights. With him being about the people, he was able to make a huge impact on Democracy. James Madison impacted the American Democracy by being a great thinker. He was able to communicate effectively which impacted a great deal of American Democracy. James Monroe's hard work and willingness to reach out to other regions had a major impact on American Democracy.

Although all of the Jeffersonian Presidents faced their own individual troubles in the world of politics, it did not stop them from moving forward. I'm sure it was difficult back then being President, just as it may be difficult now; but they were able to make history. They were each able to leave a legacy that we still talk about today. When watching news channels or even popular TV shows, you can hear someone reciting a famous quote from one of these men.

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